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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why I love EW Magazine

1. It comes in the mail. How fun is that?

2. Have you SEEN this issue's cover?
(yes, I'm having Wendy's while reading, so this is even better)

3. Because CLEARLY,
the photography/hair/makeup is stunning.

The girl has an inner supermodel
that comes out
when you least expect it.
(Mariah's photoshopper? LOL jk)

4. Speaking of photoshop, what the heck is this?
Is it just me or is everyone in a vampire craze right now?
(Twilight started it!!)

5. Another reason I love EW,
"The Calendar"

Seriously. I know every mainstream movie
that comes out until January 2010.

6. And, finally, the moment we've all been waiting for...
I always literally laugh-out-loud.
This is my favorite page EVER*.
*next to the picture of Channing Tatum it says,
"G.I. Boring"
(one hundred giggles from liz)

What is your favorite magazine?


Ashton Dene' said...

I read that EW too! But I bought mine in the airport....and I love all the things that you love! I also really like the indie/arthouse films feature they did, it was good!

My favorite magazine would have to by Nylon or Real Simple (wayyyyyy different) but I love them both equally....and right behind that...Rolling Stone!


Lauren said...

I zoomed in on the bullseye page! Too too funny. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to run out and buy one today :)

Brittani said...

I read EW too, good stuff. I've noticed the vampire trend too. First Twilight, then True Blood and now CW...Vampire Diaries? Have you watched any of the True Blood shows? The shows have you on the edge of your seat, but they are not for the light hearted. Thanks for sharing :)

Mauri said...

I love this mag but unfortunately I don't get it in the mail so I rarely read it. GI Boring?!? *giggle* that's very funny, and true.

Lauren said...

I LOOOOVE the Bullseye section. So hilar!

Kristen really is so hot in photoshoots.

Katie said...

I do think that vampire tv shows are coming out now because of Twilight, but I must point out that both the The Southern Vampire Mystery Series (that True Blood is based on) and the Vampire Diaries books came out before Twilight. (2001 and 1991 respectively) So Twilight actually came second. I do think the smart media execs are using the Twilight buzz to boost these otherwise lesser known series.

Allison said...

HAHA! I love EW. And the video that posted of Kristen and Taylor's photoshoot... and how they want to do American Idol! :D Too funny!

amanda leeann said...

looove EW. it shows up in my mailbox almost every friday. i love the bullseye. i think my favorite recent one was "harry and ginny: congrats on finally making it to first base" or something alone those lines. i lol'd.

i don't read anything regularly besides EW so i can't really answer that question..

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

I love the bullseye page in EW. Makes me laugh oodles. The cover page, totally hot.

I, too, love anything that comes in the mail. Snail mail is clearly underrated.

My fav mag is Glamour. LOVE it. 8)

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