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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Well, hello!
I feel like I haven't written a blog
since my mom got a facebook...
Okay, so here are some

1. I am job searching.
Yes, I graduated in May and now I'm on my
first after-college-job-hunt EVER!
Basically, I'm Alexis Bledel in this movie
(that I want to see!)

2. I don't know how to say this,
so I'll just say it.

I had to break up with LIL C.
He said all the wrong things on twitter.
It was a little heartbreaking...

3. As we speak, kittens are walking
all over my keyboard.

They are Julia's (sister).
She can't take them to Austin (bc her roommate is allergic).
So I'm taking care of them and noticing their
weird and funny habits.
Bruiser is OBSESSED with shoes.
Bitty bites- how do you train a cat to not bite?
tips anyone?

4. I have been
So You Think You Can Dancing it up.

Did you SEE my twitter feed when this whole thing went down?
It's my new favorite thing to do. :D

5. This guy is adorable.
Especially when he says, Marry Me Juliet.
Claim to fame: My friend has met him. HAHA.

I'll keep you posted! :)


♥Karm said...

I want to watch Post Grad too... oh no, I'm sorry it didn't work out between you and Lil C. great post =]

Mauri said...

Hi I'm happy you posted.

omg I just saw a commercial for Post Grad & told my boyfriend I wanted to see it & he laughed at me haha. But I know I can get him to see it w/me. muuaahh hahaha! Good luck with the job search!

I'm allergic to cats so I'm no help.

Um I want to do that workout. Is it good? I'm sure it is. Where did you buy the dvds??

Allison said...

Post Grad looks like the cutest movie eva! haha. And workouts are totally funner when you can dance! :D

Lo the Unicorn said...

I want to see Post Grad as well! I am on that same job hunt...well for a permanent grown-up job. I'm about half way there!

OH and if you see Post Grad...the guy in it is from my VERY FAVORITE show - Friday Night Lights! He's so cute and I'm excited to see him play a different part besides Matt Seracen (although his character is amaaazing!)

Lauren said...

Good luck with the job hunt! Post-grad looks hilar!!

SUPGRL? said...

catchin' up on the ol sasha blog here
I look like a wildwoman and i'm loving it
I might make a blog about my new second-grader friend...hmmm...

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