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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Real Life Stuff

"Eventually you may see the silver lining in the storm clouds: your own increased awareness, sensitivity, receptivity, compassion, and maturity. You may become less judgmental and self-centered, a better person."

I don't mean to get all serious here,
but it's pretty locked in of me to shed some light on mental health.

I'm going to put this out there for those who have
a brother or sister with bipolar disorder.
I know that there are self-help books out there for those
who have the disorder, but I've never heard anyone talk
about how to live with someone, and how to cope, just how difficult it is
for a sibling, and how they are most affected.

I found a good site that helps.
The best thing I can take from it is knowing that EVERY sibling
(of a bp person) goes through it and they aren't alone.
There should be more published. And a handbook should be given.
Parents should be aware of what happens in a family.
Maybe I should take that on in addition to writing
"SHE'S just not that into you."

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Taylor Swift/John Mayer Duet

Okay. In all the excitement of my taylor ticket buying,
the LA Staples Center concert was going on.
The concert that sold out in five minutes?
yeah, that one.

So John Mayer was there:
He's kind of a "foo" on twitter and Mr. Guitar Ladies Man
(that makes painfully ugly faces when performing live)
but I will not lie to you, he has some good stuff goin on.
Heck, I'd see him live.
Slow Dancing In A Burning Room.
Waiting On The World To Change.
Why Georgia Why?

So You Think You Can Dance
eats that guy up and uses all his songs.
"nuff said" LOL JK you know i kid...

Well, he John Mayered it up.
Added John Mayery rifts into "White Horse."
It was awesome!!!!!

Check it!

p.s. did I tell you that I got FLOOR FRONT ROW 12?!?!?
Yeah, this is me. freaking out.

Your Body Is A Wonderland

White Horse

Friday, May 22, 2009


I just bought my Taylor Swift ticket
and freaking out like

Monday, May 18, 2009

Twilight: Move over teeny boppers and soccer moms...

Ok friends! It's story time. My grandma turned 86 last Wednesday.
I love this lady. She is what I would call locked IN! ;)
When searching for a gift, I knew I wanted to get her something special.
Hmm. On my way to pick up a magazine,
there it was in the corner of my eye.

TWILIGHT, the book.

I'm just going to lay down some groundwork here; my grandma is a pretty serious reader, let me tell you people. Haha.

I knew she would read it. She didn't know, but I knew... that it would be sitting there staring her in the eyes after her television programs are over...and that once her eyes hit the page, there would be no going back. Because you cannot stop yourself from reading this book once you've started. Seriously, I dare you.


I buy Twilight and carefully place it into a gift bag that says
(which my grandma LOVES)
along with sour skittles, cheapy pink plastic shot glasses
(that say "Girls Night Out" for LOLs), a silky robe,
and some funky, yes funky, sparkly pink glasses that say 2009
and the two 00 of 2009 are the lenses.
Oh and we got her a card that sang "What a Wonderful World" when opened.


So today I get home and Julia (sister) informs me that there has been some Twilight activity in the life of Mary Lou Duke. I smile instantly, knowing that my prediction came true. Haha. Jules told me (get this) that my grandma had confessed to her that she had planned on skimming through the book and telling us that she read it and liked it.

This was a premeditated fib
, people.
She was so smug, thinking that she could get away with that... haha, I can picture it in her mind. As she opened the gift she was plotting her trip to Half Priced Books...

She never made it to Half Priced Books.
That is right.
She is halfway through the book
in just one sitting and could not wait to get home and read it.
The rumors are true.
Grandma Duke has turned Twilight.
Only one question left: Team Edward or Jacob?
"We shall see"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

press play

Friday, May 15, 2009


Hello, my name is Liz

In this blog,
you will follow my Taylor Swift adventures
among other things...

Thanks so much for reading!

What is locked in?

what is locked in?
(a spin-off from the "locked in videos" going around)

locked in. wearing my seatbelt.
locked in. when you edit your paper with red pen and get a higher grade bc of it.
locked in. when you apply to UT...and get in (yu-ya).
locked in. when you go the extra mile to say "thank you."
locked in. when your grandma turns 86 and she's still locked in at lunch bunch.
locked in. when you go see the wolverine movie...twice.
locked in. when you take responsibility and just go for it.
locked in. when you save water by turning it off while you brush yo teeth.
locked in. when you are the New Spock aka the New Edward Cullen.
NOT locked in. when you hate on your fans.
locked in. when you help your friends and family out.
locked in. when you are Adam Lambert.
locked in. when you include someone.
locked in. when you are Taylor Swift.
locked in. when you win an award after long hours of dedication and hard work.
locked in. owning three chihuahuas.
NOT locked in. the chihuahuas bark too loud.
locked in. when you eat a banana full of potassium.
locked in. when you make someone brownies on their bday.
locked in. when you are a "strong, independent woman."
locked in. when you are drinking Arizona Green Tea.
locked in. when you give someone a deserving compliment.
NOT locked in. when you only compliment and talk to a person to use them for their notes.
locked in. texting funny things like "i got pesto sauce on my white shirt."
NOT locked in. when you text someone a text talking badly about them on accident.
locked in. being a beyonce single lady or having your own personal Edward Cullen.
NOT locked in. when a guy who has a gf hits on you.
locked in. do your best.
NOT locked in. taking advantage of others.
locked in. when you get a cut and go get a band aid.
locked in. when you get ready in the morning.
NOT locked in. Justin Guarini.
locked in. good grades.
NOT locked in. becoming a couch potato for life.
NOT locked in. when you shoot bebe's at my brand new car.
locked in. when you reverse like hell and call the police on kids who shoot bebe's
LOCKED IN. when you get tweets about getting locked in.
locked in. me and jules to make a locked in video.
locked in. when you make a difference.
locked in. when you realize you need to get off of the computer and go to bed.
locked in. goodnight.

locked in. okay really, goodnight.

Friday, May 1, 2009


i promise this might get more interesting