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Monday, June 22, 2009

Take me to the candy shop. Of fonts.

Font Frenzy of '09...

1. Pea Fonts
They are so fun.
And there are so many!
I am talking like a candy store of pea fonts...
I got them from this amazing blog (Kevin and Amanda).

2. Twilight
Ok, we all know I love Twilight. And now I have the power to write
in Twilight font.YESSS!

3. Satisfaction.
AKA the Taylor Swift font.
It is awesome.
How cool would it be to have your "own font" like this?

Other fun and crazy ones.

4. Ribbon Happy
5. Thinking of You

6. Tootlebug
7. Rhino Dino
8. Too Much Paper!

Amanda is my font-hero. Make sure you read this.

I get the cutest handwriting fonts at Fonts for Peas! I get the cutest scrapbooking fonts at Free Scrapbook Fonts!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Music Aisle @ Tarzshay

I'm gonna say the first thing that came to my mind while
shopping with Julya at Target in the CD section.

Phil Stacy
Adult baby.

Jessica Simpson Do you know
No, i don't.

Taylor Swift Fearless
The bomb!

Taylor Hicks, The Distance
lol, whaaat?

Kate Vogele
has a new cd?

Julya looking for Yeah Yeah Yeahs cd.

They have...

Amy Winehouse
but not Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The Ting Tings is sold out.
Because that cd awesome.

Ashley Simpson.
Is crazy.

Kristy Lee Cook.
OMG remember when she sang that song on Idol

She's cute though!
i like her better than some of the others on here

(And yes, I put pics of Joe Jonas on Jules' blogger when she wasn't looking bahaha)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Rumors Are True...

A while back,
I wrote about my Grandma's Twilight gift adventure...

My Grandma has read Twilight.
Has borrowed New Moon through Breaking Dawn.
Loves Taylor Swift.
And is watching SYTYCD.
Basically, me and my grandma are the bomb.

Direct quote from Mary Lou Duke:
"I like the way that gal writes"
in reference to Stephenie Meyer.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dear Large Binder Clip hanging out on Julia's Floor,

Thanks for lurking
while I was dancing around
barefoot in Julia's room.
I was having a GREAT time...
until I stepped on you and fell to the ground. :)

No, but seriously everyone.
My foot turned white and then I was like
"OMG what is IT going to do?"
Yeah, "IT"
showed it's true colors after about fifteen-seconds.
At least I had Hello Kitty Band Aids
and got to walk around like Carrie Underwood,
except on my foot.

btw, she rocked the hello kitty band aids!