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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ohhh my gosh.

I haven't posted in like
ten million years
because I've become obsessed
with True Blood.

AKA Sookieville. Haha! Okay, I hate to blog it,
but in so many words, Bill Compton is the new Edward Cullen.
But older (He's like 173, get on that).

I did not catch Vampire Diaries tonight,
but heard about some "guyliner" via busybeelauren.
NOTE: Guyliner is just not happening for me.


amanda leeann said...

i luuuuurve trueblood. i love bill. but truly, i love eric.

Allison said...

AAAGHGHH! You're back! Yay!! And yes. Vampires in general are Amazing.

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