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Sunday, September 13, 2009

MMM Whatcha Sayyyyy?

In the words of the Bachelor
"It's uh...been a crazy time."

1. It was killing me that I could not
be in on the True Blood Season 2 Finale!!!

You see, I just finished season 1 on DVD Friday
and am just not there yet. I saw so many True Blood
tweets and super jealous. However, I'm reading the first book
"Dead Until Dark" so I'm able to cope.


It's so sweet that him and Anna are "finances".
Anna is a doll. Love them.

Rocks my world.
Yall already knew that.
But still.

I was horrified at the lack of respect.

Recap: In the middle of Taylor's
acceptance speech for best female video,
this fool(Kanye) gets up and takes her mic and says "I'm sorry, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time."
...Are his record sales down or something?
I'm so mad at him for ruining her night.
Actually, I bet she's FINE and DANDY because....

3. Beyonce kicks ass.
Pardon my language.
But this woman clearly is a class act.
(I always like to post this picture of her, haha)

When it came time for Beyonce to accept HER award,
she brought Taylor Swift out for a hug and for her to have her moment.
And Taylor gave her acceptance speech.
xoxo to Beyonce. Class Acts.

And where the *heck* was Kanye?
Oh. Right.

Anyways, friends.
I'm going to see Taylor at her
*cough*kanye* SOLD OUT Fearless Tour
in less than two weeks!!
Floor seat, row 12, I'm so excited.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ohhh my gosh.

I haven't posted in like
ten million years
because I've become obsessed
with True Blood.

AKA Sookieville. Haha! Okay, I hate to blog it,
but in so many words, Bill Compton is the new Edward Cullen.
But older (He's like 173, get on that).

I did not catch Vampire Diaries tonight,
but heard about some "guyliner" via busybeelauren.
NOTE: Guyliner is just not happening for me.