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Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Mom's On Facebook.

My tech-savvy mom and I in the days before our haircuts

It reminds me of the first time she ever texted me.
SRSLY, she surprised me one night at work with a text
"Bad weather. Call Mom."

We tell her it sounded like a caveman.
I'll never forget it.
It was too hilarious.
She even got that punctuation right!

Back to the facebook.
My aunt had one...
and then my OTHER aunt got one...
so I thought it was about time.
I set her up really good and I'm teaching her
how to comment and post things.
She is rackin' in the comments...
Tonight, I made her write on WALLS.
It was SOOOO funny.
I love it.


Katie said...

Moms are one things...but my Grandma is on facebook. Doesn't that seem odd and wrong? Oh my.

You and your Mom are adorable, though, by the way. And my Mom has a similar texting style--it's hilarious!

♥Karm said...

aww just cute. my mom is still learning how to text too. my parents finally have email and slowly learning how to IM... heehee its to cute to watch. love ur moms text heehe

Marissa {sparkles and fate} said...

My mom is on Fb too!

Mauri said...

um hi totally cute picture?!?! That is so funny you taught her how to use FB. My mom would have a hard time with it I think... :)

Mar said...

My mom only uses the computer to play games... so I don't think I could get her on facebook, lol.

Allison said...

That's adorable! My dad got one... and he got over 60 friends in a week! I do not know how he does it. :D

Britney Jean said...

ahahaha i love it when parents start to figure out the technological things. it's great!

Natalie said...

Lol. My mom's text messages are usually similar to: "Nat. What time u b home? luv mom"

ANd my dad's: "eat. now"


but if either of them got a facebook i'd go balistic..neither are tech-savvy. in the least.

♥Karm said...

P.S I left you something on my blog =]

Leona said...

That seems so cool XD

My dad attempts to do those things, too. But then he barely gets a thing about them. Oh well. It's trying that matters anyway.

And my mom hardly ever touches the computer.


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