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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


1. First of all,
has anyone noticed all the
pretty purple purses
going on?
(alliteration not intended :)
I really want one!
Exhibit A.

2. Kitten Madness
Julia (sister) adopted kittens.
The catch: They are BROTHERS! :)
Meet the crazy and beautiful
Little Bit & Bruiser

Now, we all know I'm a "dog person"
but I love the kittens!
They have been so much fun.

And we just got them this ridiculous thing:

3. Anthropology
Everything in there smells good.
Is vintage adorable cute,
and makes you crazy because you don't want to
break the bank on a headband.
It's a love/hate.
If for no other reason, just to stare at it. :)

4. Diet Peach Tea
If you want to cut out those ridiculous
soda calories,
(what's the point of those
extra calories anyways???)
This is your new drink.
Now, some Diet Peach Teas
have caffeine, like Snapple.

And for no caffeine,
just mix these little packages
into your bottled water.


Lauren said...

I have been wanting a purple bag too! So cute!

I love/hate anthro. It's so amazing...but soooo expensive. The honey jar is darling.

Mauri said...

I love purses! I've seen some cute purple ones too. Sorry I'm not a cat fan, mostly because I'm allergic to most. But it's still cute! I seriously heart Anthro. Like for real. If I was rich I'd shop there more. But thank goodness for their sale rack haha! Cute honey car. I'm not a fan of drinking calories which is why I pretty much only drink water.

Marissa {sparkles and fate} said...

Those kittens are too cute!!!! :)

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