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Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Sytycd Story

(This is what I sometimes tweet about!)

Once Upon a Time in a far away living room....
I was watching TV.
I saw Neil. <--you better click that link!
I thought,
"What is this and
why is it so wonderful??"

Needless to say,
Neil became my first
So You Think You Can Dance boyfriend.

The past two seasons have been amazing, I tell you!
I saw them both live.
This season, not so much.
But, I'm hanging in there.

Here are some of my favs!
Click pics/text to see video.
1. Tabether Hip Hop by Mark & Chelsie- see the youtube.

2. "Tim Burton's Wedding" (Mia Michaels) Mark & Chelsie

3. Katee & Josh, a Wade Robson
contemporary. see the youtube

4. Katee & Twitch. Door dance
by Mia Michaels. see the youtube

5. Twitchington! Twitch & Kherrington. see the youtube
Did ya'll know that Kherrington
is in the new movie, FAME?
So excited.

I have many more favorites, but these are up there at the top.
And one last...I love Courtney!

Here's a vintage pic of me
sporting my Neil shirt at the Live Tour :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shoe Day

You can really make
any day a shoe day!
I did NOT want to go in DSW today.
Just not in the mood.

But then...
[cue the magical music]

My biggest facination:
The teeniest shoebox I've ever seen.


It opens up...
And out pops some ballet flats.
Not that I really wear ballet flats...

It's like a little present.
I want to put a bow on it.

Dear Shoebox Makers,
Ya did good.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Captions: Harry Potter Edition

This is what happens
when you google Harry Potter.

I was actually going for Harry, but whatever.
It's Rob Pattinson!

I'm not quite sure, but are they holding hands?

Oh my gosh, get this girl a runway,
because she is FIERCE.

Who else loves it everytime Ron says, "Bloody Hell"? :)

"HARRY! You've got that crazy look in your eye!"
-Dumb & Dumber

Apparently, this is what Harry Potter would look like
if half of his face was Froto.

Someone felt compelled
to create this artistic interpretation of Crookshanks.



Emma Watson is fierce.

My kitten has a crush on Emma Watson.

Darth Vader for Harry Potter.

Um. Twilight...?

And lets not forget this gem!

Gather 'round, friends...

There is more to the LIL C story.
As you may recall, LIL C is majorly in love with me
and @ replied me on twitter. Once.
Three times.

The night of the infamous @ reply by LIL C,
I told him that I would see Harry Potter with him any day
and have a deep conversation about what it "lacc'd"and he "concurred,"to which I tweeted something embarrassingly fangirl
and then recomposed myself and left it at a simple:
"Offer still stands to @kingofkrump."

I was (happily) shocked when I woke up the next morning to find
A LIL C TWEET waiting in my @ reply box.

He clearly loves me.
I also tweeted "Liz loves @kingofkrump" and got this gem:

So, basically, we're BFFs.

And I'm getting this.

.....And this....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Tweet Secrets" with Liz

This is a new "feature" I will be adding to the blog.
Five secrets a post. Can you handle?

1. BumpIt iPhone App
Apparently, two iPhone owners open this application on the phone
and literally bump phones to swap contact info.
Not twitter, but fun networking ;) & totally FREE!

2., the Live Twitpic Feed.
See what everyone is Twitpic-in'!

3. Twonvert App.
OMG LOL. It "twonverts" or shortens your text into
"shorthand language" Gettin' all abbreviated.
Sounds very LIL C.

4. Quitter App.
Now you know it when someone quits following you.
Hmmm... maybe we'd rather be in the dark?
Willing to try it and see who dares. ;)

5. The wonderful
Shorten, tweet, and track your URLs.
Now we're talking!
It's amazing.
You can see how many ppl click on your link.
And tweet big links that would never fit into 140 characters!

Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm totally flipping out!.
Story time:
Ok forget story time, stop the press!
LIL 'C aka best judge ever
JUST @ replied me on twitter.
The King of Krump.

He gave some fabulous and thoughtful reviews about the Harry Potter movie, so I said that I'd go see Harry Potter any day with

and that me and LIL C can have a deep conversation
about what it "lacc'd"

Much to my surprise, he "concurred"

And what did I do? Like a NERD I posted
"@Kingofkrump @ replied me!!!!!!!! :) Day made for LIFE! Omg let's go see Harry Potter! He concurs!"

Now he thinks I'm a nerd....
He loves it, whatever.

Okay, I just redeemed myself. I said, "Offer still stands to @kingofkrump"
I'm so brave online!
But how cool would that be to see Harry Potter and then
have a deep conversation with the king of krump about it.
It would make me extremely happy.

Gettin' all Perezy with my images ;)
Follow me on twitter here.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Vanishing Cabinet

Hello! Ok. So.
Let's talk! HP&HBP
(Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince)

I'm centering my whole week on this movie.
The previews look sooo good.
Finally, I'm in the theater and
the lights are dimming.
I am yet to read the book, so this is my
first Half-Blood Prince

What can I say,
I love the element of surprise!

The Breakdown
Usually, the HP movies are centered around a plot
and then some mysterious subplot develops. Well, this felt like
one giant subplot. I wish there were more "OMG Harry, what is going
on with this book, lets investigate" of a plot.
Or something!
It was more like a
Half-Blood Vanishing Cabinet
than the Half-Blood Prince.

1. Where is that Harry Potter
angst that was growing
in the last few movies?

2. What happened to the
Cornelius Fudge?

3. What resulted from the
Death Eater attack
in the Muggle world?

4. Harry Potter looked like he
was more into the waitress
than Ginny, srsly?? NO!

5. If I saw Draco Malfoy go
into that room with the Vanishing Cabinet
one more time I think I'd question my sanity. LOL

6. "Half-Blood Prince" was dropped
after five minutes and then brought up
at the end for a sec. what?

7. And finally, where the heck is
He Who Must Not Be Named?
(Is he in that book??)


1. I loved Ron & Hermione!
(LOL @ this pic)

2. There were some VERY funny parts (Ice cream scene)
3. Scaryyy- The girl who was cursed outside in the snow. That was scary!
4. My peanut butter M&M's were delicious.
5. I just love Harry Potter.
So woo!

I'm gonna read the book bc from what I hear, it is awesome.
And I bet it will answer all my questions.

What did you think of the movie?

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Well, hello!
For this entry, I'll need to give a little introduction.
This post is made up entirely of me completing each sentence.
Hmm. Hope it is interesting just a little bit.
I got all these questions from the Robot Creative blog.
So, without further adieu, here we go!

The people who know me best are:
My family

I collect or have a lot of:
Hello Kitty stuff. I really don't know why. I just freak out over it.

My favorite fabrics, textiles, textures:
Anything silky feeling

What I love most about myself:
I always have good intentions

A tiny part of me secretly wants:
To be Beyonce.

If I were going to write a brilliant book it would be about:
Just wait.

My philosophy on friendship is:
It should be fun and there should be no pressure on it

When I have free time:
Go out and do fun random errands or stay in and
watch DVD series and movies
(with popcorn, plz!)

My preferred form of exercise is:
DDR lol. & Dance. Of course.

My favorite pastime or hobby is:
Making things.
Lol, I used to make poster-sized collages
when I was little. A bunch of them.

I feel most at home:
Around my chihuahuas.

My personal sanctuary is:
My car.
I love being in my car.

The most ridiculous purchase I've ever made was:
My puppies! lol I didn't tell anyone,
I just got them all one by one. :)

Even though its completely
out of style or over the top,
I secretly love:

Cinderella-like dresses

I express my physical creativity in the way I:
Write, design, create

A few objects in my living space that I cherish:
My little pink fan on my bathroom counter, it is a little life saver!

What's working in my wardrobe right now is:

If money were no object I would go out today and shop for:
A queen sized bed and decorate my whole room

I nourish my well being by:

I am my best self when:
I'm excited and optimistic, working hard, and comfortable

If I could win an Olympic medal, I would want it to be for:
Not one of my goals in life, but ice skating.

The ultimate celebration or party I’d like to throw would be:
Wedding or a surprise party

If I could only wear one outfit for the rest of my life, it would be:
A dress for sure...minidress from black/white.

I long to travel to:
New York and Greece

If I could live in a different time period it would be:
I'm happy right here. Maybe the 60's for the flower power (minus drugs!)

When I have free time I feel:
Thankful, but ready to be busy again soon.

My favorite time of year is:
I love all times of the year.
It would be boring without them all.

A completely luxurious, outrageous thing that I'd like to own is?
A beach house.

What I Want Less In My Life Is:

You’d Never Catch Me Wearing:
Pajamas or sweats in public.

I am impressed by people who:
Can be kind to anyone.

iiiiiiiii dunno
That was kind of fun,