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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Tweet Secrets" with Liz

This is a new "feature" I will be adding to the blog.
Five secrets a post. Can you handle?

1. BumpIt iPhone App
Apparently, two iPhone owners open this application on the phone
and literally bump phones to swap contact info.
Not twitter, but fun networking ;) & totally FREE!

2., the Live Twitpic Feed.
See what everyone is Twitpic-in'!

3. Twonvert App.
OMG LOL. It "twonverts" or shortens your text into
"shorthand language" Gettin' all abbreviated.
Sounds very LIL C.

4. Quitter App.
Now you know it when someone quits following you.
Hmmm... maybe we'd rather be in the dark?
Willing to try it and see who dares. ;)

5. The wonderful
Shorten, tweet, and track your URLs.
Now we're talking!
It's amazing.
You can see how many ppl click on your link.
And tweet big links that would never fit into 140 characters!


Haylee Abney said...

so im guessing all these secrets are about twitter. short story: i tried to make a twitter. i made it, tried to put a picture up. i tried like seven pictures and all of them were too big!! so long story short, i got frustrated and deleted my account because from what some friends had already told me about twitter, i kinda already had bitter feelings about it...hahaha maybe next time i'm bored i'll try it out it really that worth it?!

Sasha Liz said...

Haylee- Your blog is cute. You should tweet! :)

You can resize your pics at Have you used it before?

For those who haven't and are stuck on having no twitter picture, create a (Free) photobucket account. You can then upload, edit the pic, and save it back to your computer.

Here is a link to a video tutorial of how to resize/edit the pics you upload:

Let me know if it works for you! You should def try it :)

Mauri said...

Um Liz please help me, the twitterretarded. I seriously don't know how to do anything except change what I'm doing. My boyfriend set it up for me & even he doesn't really know how to use it haha. All these secrets sound cool if I knew how to use it. How do people put pics from their phones onto Twitter? YA I need twitter 101 class.

Sasha Liz said...

Mauri- LOL!
I'll post a twitter 101 :) with how-to upload pics from phone and all that jazz, you'll be a pro. And you can shock/impress your bf with your new skillz. haha!

Marissa said...

Yay twitter!!

♥Karm said...

Awesome post Liz!! Thanks for the much needed info. =]

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