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Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm totally flipping out!.
Story time:
Ok forget story time, stop the press!
LIL 'C aka best judge ever
JUST @ replied me on twitter.
The King of Krump.

He gave some fabulous and thoughtful reviews about the Harry Potter movie, so I said that I'd go see Harry Potter any day with

and that me and LIL C can have a deep conversation
about what it "lacc'd"

Much to my surprise, he "concurred"

And what did I do? Like a NERD I posted
"@Kingofkrump @ replied me!!!!!!!! :) Day made for LIFE! Omg let's go see Harry Potter! He concurs!"

Now he thinks I'm a nerd....
He loves it, whatever.

Okay, I just redeemed myself. I said, "Offer still stands to @kingofkrump"
I'm so brave online!
But how cool would that be to see Harry Potter and then
have a deep conversation with the king of krump about it.
It would make me extremely happy.

Gettin' all Perezy with my images ;)
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derrickadee said...

hahaha this pretty much made my day! That is truly awesome!

Mauri said...

Haha that's awesome he replied to you! I think he should follow through with that "I concur" comment :)

Mauri said...

PS I LOVE SYTYCD too! Although you love it more than me, but that's just because I never have time to watch it. I think I have ADD. I HATE sitting & watching TV unless it's dramatic reality shows like Bachelorette haha. Actually, this season I've been annoyed & impatient with bachelorette. It's getting too scripted.

Britney Jean said...

dude that would be awesome.



p.s. --- i'm britney. hope you don't mind i stopped by!

Lo the Unicorn said...

So I saw that you added my blog (YAY new friends!)...and of course I came to check out yours! After only 1 minute of browsing...I can already tell that we would be friends in real life (lol)...SYTYCD and Harry Potter are 2 of my loves as well! Can't wait to click around and read more about you! :)

Marissa said...


Sasha Liz said...

@Mauri- The bachelorette is a whole 'nother blog post...haha.... I already know that next Monday night is going to be the "most dramatic episode in Bachelorette history" Mark my words. ha. Chris has THE funniest job ever.

Sasha Liz said...

@Britney Jean, Lo the Unicorn, Marissa, Derrickadee -
Yay, thanks guys, love your comments on this subject :) LIL C for life

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