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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Vanishing Cabinet

Hello! Ok. So.
Let's talk! HP&HBP
(Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince)

I'm centering my whole week on this movie.
The previews look sooo good.
Finally, I'm in the theater and
the lights are dimming.
I am yet to read the book, so this is my
first Half-Blood Prince

What can I say,
I love the element of surprise!

The Breakdown
Usually, the HP movies are centered around a plot
and then some mysterious subplot develops. Well, this felt like
one giant subplot. I wish there were more "OMG Harry, what is going
on with this book, lets investigate" of a plot.
Or something!
It was more like a
Half-Blood Vanishing Cabinet
than the Half-Blood Prince.

1. Where is that Harry Potter
angst that was growing
in the last few movies?

2. What happened to the
Cornelius Fudge?

3. What resulted from the
Death Eater attack
in the Muggle world?

4. Harry Potter looked like he
was more into the waitress
than Ginny, srsly?? NO!

5. If I saw Draco Malfoy go
into that room with the Vanishing Cabinet
one more time I think I'd question my sanity. LOL

6. "Half-Blood Prince" was dropped
after five minutes and then brought up
at the end for a sec. what?

7. And finally, where the heck is
He Who Must Not Be Named?
(Is he in that book??)


1. I loved Ron & Hermione!
(LOL @ this pic)

2. There were some VERY funny parts (Ice cream scene)
3. Scaryyy- The girl who was cursed outside in the snow. That was scary!
4. My peanut butter M&M's were delicious.
5. I just love Harry Potter.
So woo!

I'm gonna read the book bc from what I hear, it is awesome.
And I bet it will answer all my questions.

What did you think of the movie?


Allison said...

I actually only like the first four books, the rest were too morbid/I hate to say it...boring for me. Maybe also because there was a huge break in between the writings of the later books, and I just lost interest. Plus the 7th book had a poopy ending.

Ashton Dene' said...

I agree with Allison on the 7th book not having the best ending, it was major disappointment. I saw the movie last night & was a bit upset as I don't see how they can make the 7th book into a movie now...

I'm sure you will enjoy the book, it has so much more that was missed in the movie!

derrickadee said...

I couldn't agree with you more!

Voldemort is my FAVORITE FAVORITE character, and let's just say...

I had a major sad face at the end. Teenage Tom Riddle was satisfactorily creep though, so there's a win.

Lauren said...

I loved this post! You are one funny girl.
This is my philosophy: No movie is ever like or as good as the book.
I went into the theater knowing things would be different. Where they? YES!
Was is bad? NO!
I really liked the movie and you nailed a lot of the points they left out of the book- Fudge, Voldemort, etc.
So enjoy the book! It is great!!

Haylee Abney said...

Hey I saw you were a follower on my blog so I thought I'd check out yours and, I love it! I haven't seen Harry Potter yet and I've heard many different mixed reviews so thanks for sharing! But I think I better go see the 4th and 5th movies first before I see the 6th....Hahah.

~M~ said...

I need to see this movie ASAP!

Mars said...

I can't wait to see this! Hermione & Ron pic...LOL. I need to read the book too!

Suget said...

I will get back to you once I watch the movie =]

Liz said...

I will say that there are some SRSLY funny parts to the movie that you will really like! I won't spoil them for you!

Kate said...

Hi Sasha! I saw you were following my blog (yay!) and came by to check yours out. Definitely read the book! I think it's my mission in life to make sure everyone reads Harry Potter. ;) I actually am not a big fan of the Ron&Hermione/Harry&Ginny but I still enjoyed the movie--in fact I think I minded it less in the movie.

Let us know what you think and how you feel about all the answers to your questions after your read!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you! The movie was missing some important stuff. But how funny was Harry when he took the luck potion and was acting all drugged!

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