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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Captions: Harry Potter Edition

This is what happens
when you google Harry Potter.

I was actually going for Harry, but whatever.
It's Rob Pattinson!

I'm not quite sure, but are they holding hands?

Oh my gosh, get this girl a runway,
because she is FIERCE.

Who else loves it everytime Ron says, "Bloody Hell"? :)

"HARRY! You've got that crazy look in your eye!"
-Dumb & Dumber

Apparently, this is what Harry Potter would look like
if half of his face was Froto.

Someone felt compelled
to create this artistic interpretation of Crookshanks.



Emma Watson is fierce.

My kitten has a crush on Emma Watson.

Darth Vader for Harry Potter.

Um. Twilight...?

And lets not forget this gem!


Lauren said...

He he! Bloody Hell! LOVE IT!

Katie said...

Hermione is FIERCE. Well put. They kept Emma a little too blonde for my taste (since she's super brunnette in the books) but I know it's a movie and I'm trying to let it go. ;)

Dang, though, she is so fashionable! And I loved that outfit she was wearing at the end of HBP, the one in the movie poster picture. I want those clothes.

Ashton Dene' said...

Bloody Hell!! Ha ha, he cracks me up! Emma Watson has grown up into such a beautiful lady...and her British accent makes her seem so proper!

Mauri said...

HAHA I love these. I love Emma Watson. She's so beatiful, fierce, cute, blah blah. Gotta love the awkwardness of when they were super young!

♥Karm said...

LMAO harry potter/frodo baggins is hilarious.

derrickadee said...

ahaha the one of crookshanks made me LOL like a psycho lady in class! That is too much!

amanda leeann said...

some people have too much time on their hands...

LOVE the bloody hell lines. the end.

watson is, indeed, fierce.

frodo-harry creeps me out.

and so does the one with edward being all vampy in the background...

i ♥ harry.

thanks for stopping by my blog!

Brett Alexandra said...

aw, thanks for stopping by my place! I love yours. Emma Watson is such a classic beauty! I love that old picture of them...and the half harry/froto..hilarious.

Brett Alexandra said...

OH! and that is so cool that your mom is a retired military spouse:) I have met so many in the first year that I've been here.

Natalie said...

duuude emma=hott danng. she's definitely gotten cute with age.

and i was wayy into harry until he decided to bare it all in equus. he just hasn't been the same prude-wizard since o.O

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I freaking love this post. I just died laughing.

Umm...I LOVE Rob when he says "bloody 'ell"

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