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Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Sytycd Story

(This is what I sometimes tweet about!)

Once Upon a Time in a far away living room....
I was watching TV.
I saw Neil. <--you better click that link!
I thought,
"What is this and
why is it so wonderful??"

Needless to say,
Neil became my first
So You Think You Can Dance boyfriend.

The past two seasons have been amazing, I tell you!
I saw them both live.
This season, not so much.
But, I'm hanging in there.

Here are some of my favs!
Click pics/text to see video.
1. Tabether Hip Hop by Mark & Chelsie- see the youtube.

2. "Tim Burton's Wedding" (Mia Michaels) Mark & Chelsie

3. Katee & Josh, a Wade Robson
contemporary. see the youtube

4. Katee & Twitch. Door dance
by Mia Michaels. see the youtube

5. Twitchington! Twitch & Kherrington. see the youtube
Did ya'll know that Kherrington
is in the new movie, FAME?
So excited.

I have many more favorites, but these are up there at the top.
And one last...I love Courtney!

Here's a vintage pic of me
sporting my Neil shirt at the Live Tour :)


♥Karm said...

I have never watched this. But since you make it sound so fun and exciting I will try to look for it and tune it. I'l update you on my thoughts. Haha cute vintage pic. =]

Ashton Dene' said...

Love the pic! I don't own a tv (crazy I know!) but I do love dancing, maybe I will have my parents tivo it so I can check it out next time I am home :) Thanks for filling me in on your exciting tweets!

Brett Alexandra said...

hehe, love that show! That is an awesome tee!

jasmine said...

ahhhh, love that show! you picked some really great clips as your favorites!

Anonymous said...

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