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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Well, hello!
For this entry, I'll need to give a little introduction.
This post is made up entirely of me completing each sentence.
Hmm. Hope it is interesting just a little bit.
I got all these questions from the Robot Creative blog.
So, without further adieu, here we go!

The people who know me best are:
My family

I collect or have a lot of:
Hello Kitty stuff. I really don't know why. I just freak out over it.

My favorite fabrics, textiles, textures:
Anything silky feeling

What I love most about myself:
I always have good intentions

A tiny part of me secretly wants:
To be Beyonce.

If I were going to write a brilliant book it would be about:
Just wait.

My philosophy on friendship is:
It should be fun and there should be no pressure on it

When I have free time:
Go out and do fun random errands or stay in and
watch DVD series and movies
(with popcorn, plz!)

My preferred form of exercise is:
DDR lol. & Dance. Of course.

My favorite pastime or hobby is:
Making things.
Lol, I used to make poster-sized collages
when I was little. A bunch of them.

I feel most at home:
Around my chihuahuas.

My personal sanctuary is:
My car.
I love being in my car.

The most ridiculous purchase I've ever made was:
My puppies! lol I didn't tell anyone,
I just got them all one by one. :)

Even though its completely
out of style or over the top,
I secretly love:

Cinderella-like dresses

I express my physical creativity in the way I:
Write, design, create

A few objects in my living space that I cherish:
My little pink fan on my bathroom counter, it is a little life saver!

What's working in my wardrobe right now is:

If money were no object I would go out today and shop for:
A queen sized bed and decorate my whole room

I nourish my well being by:

I am my best self when:
I'm excited and optimistic, working hard, and comfortable

If I could win an Olympic medal, I would want it to be for:
Not one of my goals in life, but ice skating.

The ultimate celebration or party I’d like to throw would be:
Wedding or a surprise party

If I could only wear one outfit for the rest of my life, it would be:
A dress for sure...minidress from black/white.

I long to travel to:
New York and Greece

If I could live in a different time period it would be:
I'm happy right here. Maybe the 60's for the flower power (minus drugs!)

When I have free time I feel:
Thankful, but ready to be busy again soon.

My favorite time of year is:
I love all times of the year.
It would be boring without them all.

A completely luxurious, outrageous thing that I'd like to own is?
A beach house.

What I Want Less In My Life Is:

You’d Never Catch Me Wearing:
Pajamas or sweats in public.

I am impressed by people who:
Can be kind to anyone.

iiiiiiiii dunno
That was kind of fun,


♥Karm said...

awwww... i love making collages too... wow... i like cinderella dresses too =]... i sooo want to travel to Greece too. I love your blog. Awesome idea... I should try some questionaire on mine also.. =]

derrickadee said...

This is a fun idea! I'm going to do it soon too. I actually agree with you on the beach house, and on the friendship thing. So true.

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