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Monday, October 5, 2009

PEETA + Argyle Sweaters in the House

1. Reading
Okay, so I just finished The Hunger Games
the other night and was like,"whaaaaatttttt"
Literally. Out loud.
But that's for another blog post.
All you need to know is I went out
and bought the second one the day after.
And I love Katniss and PEETA, of courz.
This girl is fierce.

2. Halloween
For some reason, I'm so excited it's October.
I don't know why. Usually, I don't really even like it LOL
(because ppl get dressed up
MEAN GIRLS Style and act a fool)


My big sis gave me this and now I'm all for it :)

3. Argyle Sweaters
LOL, my mom bought us all matching argyle sweaters.
It's sooo funny! I feel like Ron Weasley in Harry Potter.
We had to take a picture like this.

4. So... you sparkle?
Haha, Edward, you look silly right about
now next to Vampire Bill.
But I think New Moon is going to be so good!
And I might switch "Teams" because Taylor Lautner.
Oops, I said that out loud.
We shall see!

What do you like to do on Halloween?
How do you feel about Hunger Games and Sparkly Edward?


Katie said...

Please post more about your Hunger Games thoughts. They are of the highest importance. Also do you love Peeta or do you LOVE Peeta?

Ha, if you have to have matching sweaters at least they're cute argyle ones.

♥Karm said...

hehe cute post. so digging the ron weasley sweaters. haha. i have never read the Hunger Games, but I think its time I should.
sparkly edward and burning Bill are mod def hilarious.
I love Halloween, because I get to decorate the house and bake fun/scary stuff.
On Halloween I usually take the boys out trick or treating, than I come home and pass out candy. =]

Lauren said...

I LOVE the argyle. And I love you. And I love Peeta...of course!

Allison said...

Your sweaters are ADORABLE!! I'm so looking for an argyle sweater right now. And READ CATCHING FIRE. You will be even more whaaaatttt. It's pretty amazing.

Mauri said...

hi, you look adorable reading your addicting book (I hear they are SO GOOD!) I wish I had time to read. I'm not even through the Twilight Series.I also love argyle-cute sweaters. I love the "I'm a mouse DUH" funny-really I hate one thing about Halloween...that it gives girls the "excuse" to dress slutty & skanky. Every guys dream, but seriously, gag me. I like staying home & handing out candy to all the cute little kids then going to friend's small halloween parties -nothing huge. I also like cooler weather! aka not 100 degrees out :)

amanda leeann said...

my favorite thing to do on halloween is get older! it's my birthday =]

i adore the hunger games. they.are.amazing.

and i love edward. and bill. but mostly i love vampire eric!

Lauren said...

Ha! Nice. All I have to say is I'm getting me an argyle sweater! How cute are you?! Soooo cute!

Marissa said...

Haha! Halloween we just spend handing out candy.

lilnelablack said...

First: I LOVE HUNGER GAMES! & Cathing Fire is 10x better...
Second: I <3 Mrs. Weasley and the sweater pic is adorable! : )
Third: Taylor Lautner... *le sigh*

melissa_413 said...

I love Hunger Games!

And I love sparkly Edward in the book, but not so much in the movie. When it comes to vampire characters brought to life, Stephen Moyer as Vampire Bill and Paul Wesley as Stefan are so way hotter than Rob Pattinson as Edward.

I really wish Paul Wesley had been Edward, he would have made the Twilight movie 1000x better. (I'm one of those Twilight fans that was greatly disappointed with the movie)

Leona said...

Adorable sweaters :>

Amber W. said...

Love, love, loved The Hunger Games & Catching Fire! I'm going through Peeta withdrawls...

madi dearest said...

eeeee love your blog. i had to follow both because i am so very obsessed with hunger games.

team gale :/

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