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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Glee Words of Wisdom

I don't trust
a man with curly hair.
I can't helping picturing
small birds laying sulfurous eggs in there.


Ashton Dene' said...

I love Glee. So much.

And that's how Sue C's it! bahahaha

Lauren said...

Ha ha ha!! Nice :)

Lauren said...

Ted was so offended by that comment! hahahahaha!

Haylee Abney said...

hahaha yesterday's was the best.episode.ever. I HATE sue!!! but she totally makes the show.

Miranda said...

Lol!!!! I love it! I wish I could remember a line so I could quote it right now, but i can't. Glee rocks :]

Allison said...

HAHAHA!! Glee is da best. And Sue is going to die soon. As is Terri.

Alexandria said...

Okay I for real need to start watching this show!

I love the songs...but have not tuned in yet...I so feel like I am missing out!

Thanks for the blog comment,doll! They make my day!

melissa_413 said...

I love Glee! I loved Finn's line from last night, "If we wanted to hear mom and dad fight, those of us who still have two parents would just stay home on pay day."

Natalie said...


PS. I love your playlist. I can play this song on the piano (River Flows In You). In fact, I just played it today. EPIC WIN.

PS: LOL at "team nat-uh-lee". Sasha Liz, for the win!

Karina said...

Hahha that made me laugh SO HARD.

Mari said...

It's become impossible not to love Glee- I've decided.
I died a little inside these past two wednesdays it hasn't been on =(

ps. You blog is ADORABLE =)

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