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Thursday, October 29, 2009


noun. a mix
between a
chihuahua and a

We went in Petco to get some dog food for our happy little chihuahuas...

and came out with a 10-week-old chi-weenie!!
She was the last one left for adoption and we just could not resist.
We love puppies over here.

She looks more like a dachshund than a chihuahua.
One of her sisters was more chihuahua.
No, not her. She's got the BIG EARS!

She fits right in with our puppies,
but our poor nervous Cooper is stressed out.
He'll lighten up!

What on earth should we name her? LOL


Allison said...

AAK! SO CUTE AND ADORABLE!! My goodness. I want to kiss her.

Sorry, I probably sound weird.. but I love dogs, and puppies are my favorite!!

I say.. Faye. like a fairy. But my names are usually really abstract, so you might not want to use them. :D

Alexandria said... could name her know as in latte! lol...

Or Lulu is always a cute puppy name! My friends has a yorkie with that name!

Marissa said...


Karina said...

Oh my gosh she is ADORABLE. I want a puppy!! :(. Hmm names... She looks like a Dulce, or a Dixie, or maybe a Millie!

I'm no good at names... She is adorable though. Something "sweet"...

Lauren Elizabeth said...

puppies are the best! :) :) :)

i say millie...
that's my dog's name, so i am not biased or anything ;)

lilnelablack said...

Very Cute!!
That's how I got my dog. Went to the pet store to buy something for my cat and walked out with Sophie.

Haylee Abney said...

Awww she is darling!!!! You should name her "Chi-weenie". HAHA totally kidding;)

Mauri said...

she is CUUUUUTE!!! You should name her Texie jk that's all i can think of off the top of my head because you live in Texas haha. Thats funny someone said to name her LuLu. Thats my cars name haha! (yes I named my car..I'm weird). Enjoy the pup!

Elizabeth said...

What a doll!

Mar said...

She's one of the cutest puppies. Ever! Totally makes me want to get one too :)
I'm not good with names, but she should def. have a cute name :)

Miranda said...

i think chi-weenie is a cute name, just call her that! or chi chi or weenie. haha. whats the dog count up to now?? :]

SJ said...

AWW So cute! Name her something cute but not cheesy. She definitely needs a name as cute as her!

deltay said...

Awww, so adorable!

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