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Friday, October 2, 2009

Fearless Tour

So the Taylor Swift concert in Dallas HAPPENED!
The rumors are true!

Everyone who knows me knows that
I'm Taylor Swift's #1 fan (at least in San Antonio :)
So you can imagine...

1. Superstar Status
Really, I felt like a superstar...
because I had a floor seat! (ROW 6 are you crazy?!)
I walked all the way down to the floor and two security guards
reached for both my arms and semi- lifted me over some steps.
Total "Princess" moment... omg lol. But really.

(in front of the stage!)

2. We = Funniest People in the World
And by we, I mean Julia.
The 5 hour drive was ridiculous. It didn't even seem long.
I don't know, laughed so hard we cried on the way up.
Seriously, we thought we were hilarious.

Julia making me laugh.

3. Of course, the concert was amazing.
I have to admit, I knew about a lot (SPOILERS, I couldn't resist),
but the small things I didn't know about really made me happy.
Those ended up being my favorites.

And yes, I was singing the entire time.

Here are some pictures!

Aren't these amazing?!?

4. Okay, I have to tell you something.
Some little kids rushed the stage.
And one started booty dancing
on T-Swift during one of her numbers.
You heard me.
Booty Dancing. :(
UM........... NOT COOL!
Serious breach of security.

Amos, (Taylor's bass player),
who I think is the funniest person on the planet,
tweeted me that he was gonna have to steal a pic
that I posted of him on twitpic.

He loves it and
I hope he profile pics it.
"Ain't no thing"

Thank you to my friend Miranda for letting me and Julia
stay with her in Dallas the rest of the weekend.
Ahhh, it was a delirious, good, old-fashioned fun time ;)


Allison said...

AMAZING!!! Now I finally have pictures to put this tour in my head. And now I wish I was there.

Dang, girl! 6th row seats! That's crazy! :D

Britney Jean said...

ummm...jealous. srsly.

love her!

Mauri said...

ah! How fun! I'm so jealous. Love Taylor Swift. I bet it was amazing! Love the pics!

Lauren said...

Could Taylor swift be any cuter!!
Lucky girl! I'm super jealous!

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome that Amos stole a picture YOU took! Maybe you should become a photographer, those Taylor pics are pretty amazing! -Miranda

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