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Monday, December 21, 2009

Liz's Answers Part One - Happy New Year!

What is your ABSOLUTE favorite kind of music?! You can only choose one. I like the singer songwriter guitar music the best! I've decided.

What is your dream job?I'd love to start a PR or Ad agency! with my sister, Julia, because we both are design/communications FREAKS.

Also, Someday, when I'm all kinds of knowledgeable, it would be dream-job-like to write a book and go on a book tour. How glamorous would that be? :) It would be a nonfiction advice/inspirational book for sho.

Do you have an absolute favorite book? My two favorites are The Hunger Games and He's Just Not That Into You. The Hunger Games is really good and I love Katniss. I recommend it! He's Just Not That Into You, the movie (in my opinion) was really bad. The book is nothing like it!!! It's brutally honest and helps you stay in "reality," but is also motivational.

Vampire Eric or Vampire Bill? TEAM BILL! BILL, we need to talk. Please come in on a white horse already. I agree with the BHBBC, you suck. Fix that driveway JEEZ!!

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Seriously, I'd love to do a world tour, haha. I've been lucky to visit some cool places. I'd want to go to New York, Greece, and somewhere with snowy mountains. Also, I've never seen the Grand Canyon!

Why do you blog? I blog because I really like to share things. I also love to subscribe and read blogs! It's crazy that my blog friends are from everywhere. I like hearing about what it's like from different viewpoints and places. And Lauren Elizabeth/SJ are in Austin omg.

How did you start blogging? Funny you should ask :) ACTUALLY, I became a hardcore Twilighter during the first movie in '08. I even had a twilight twitter (I'm crazy!) Anyways, I started reading these hilarious Twilight Mom tweets, and then their blogs, and they mentioned pocket Edward and... a link to Lauren's Bite! (Busy Bee Lauren) Lauren is the reason I started blogging.

Favorite color? I have to admit, pink

What is your favorite item of clothing to wear? Jackets and coats :)

Fav Starbucks drink? Java chip chiller thingy haha. Although I've been getting McCafes like nobody's business.

WHAT is your biggest inspiration? My biggest inspiration is knowing that I can make a difference.

WHO is your biggest inspiration: Taylor Swift.

Part two will coming soon...

Happy New Year!

What did everyone do? I watched The Hannah Montana Movie/ a freaky episode of the Twilight Zone with my family and ate pizza. :)


Marissa said...

Happy New Year!

Allison said...

Haha, I love this! And seriously, how you started blogging is EXACTLY how I started. For reals. :D

Have an amazing 2010, Liz! I'm so glad to be friends with you! :D

Alyssa said...

Looooove The Hunger Games! And that's also the reason I started blogging, ha.
Cute blog!

Karm said...

awwww i love this post!! can't wait to read more!

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