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Friday, December 11, 2009

Musical Discovery Share!

I've been following the cutest and loveliest girl
by the name of Jordyn Shellhart.

I found her through a Taylor (Swift, duh)
fan on myspace. Myspace, holla!
I have one if you're interested :)
(I have a bunch of cool Taylor pics from the Dallas show on there!!)

Well, dang. I was at Best Buy
(rarely am I in Best Buy. Hello, I'm a Target kind of girl)
Anyways, here I am walking through Best Buy and
THERE SHE IS! On a cd cover - Jordyn Shellhart!

1. Ohmygosh? I know her!!
2. Lady Gaga has a new cd? Chill out Lady Gaga.
3. Oh my gosh, I'm BUYING THIS (Not Lady Gaga, obvs)

I get to my car.
Take forever to open my cd.
(Ugh, cd packaging ppl, can you make it any HARDER?)
And listen...

I am seriously amazed by this girl.

Her writing is so good.
This is more of what the world needs tbh
(unlike Adam Lambert and Shakira
at the AMA's, ew.
Cut it out guys.
It's just getting gross)

I really like music that means something.
I like all kinds of music
(fun, hello? I love Hannah Montana - guilty pleasure)
but the ones that mean something more are the ones I can't stop singing to.

And I'm singing.

What Heaven Knows
Oh. My. Gosh. Lyrics kill me. I love them so much.
They're so perfect.
Asking questions about heaven.
And missing someone in heaven.

Learn to Love Alone

Infinite X's and O's
So happy. Like cutest song ever written.

Just go buy the cd.
(at Best Buy only)

It's recorded in a room (her cd title, clever)
and ALL acoustic so that she could make a full cd.
I am excited to hear the songs recorded in full someday.
Because acoustic is the bomb.

Listen to her music at her website:


Allison said...

Dude. I'm gonna go listen right now! Thanks for the recommendation- I always love new songs! :D

Ashton Dene' said...

yay, I love new music!!

x, ash

Kellie said...

I need to go listen now! And I have to go to best buy today so uh.. maybe I'll just HAVE to pick this up :)

Anonymous said...

Jordyn is awesome! Buy her CD at Best Buy. It's a great gift for any one. Visit her website, sign up for the EP club (free) and you can download her music for free. She's on myspace ( and twitter (

Allison said...

Listened to it... AMAZING.

SJ said...

She is so cute!

Kellie said...

I went to listen and I love her music.. :)

PS I left you an award on my blog

Lauren Elizabeth said...
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Lauren Elizabeth said...

i listened, and she is great! i wish young girls had more role models like her!

Elizabeth said...

Your comments about Lady Gaga cracked me up for real :)

linnykins said...

The word 'acoustic' has got my attention. I agree, acoustic is the bomb. I haven't heard of her, but maybe I need to investigate!

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