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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon

After seeing New Moon twice
(I know, I'm a bad Twilighter, only TWICE)
After seeing it twice, I am ready to blog!
Let the blogging begin!

I really liked the creepy intro.
Being a bad Twilighter, I completely forgot about
the grandma scene.

Edward looks so pained.
Rosalie looks... weird.

In all seriousness, I wanted to
cry my eyes out
during the breakup scene.
That is saying a lot.

I almost let myself sob it out
when they showed her sitting alone at the
"Cullen" lunch table.
Or her sitting in the window for way too long.

Yay, JakeLaut.
Little ray of sunshine.
I like you better than book Jacob.

I love love love this part...
"Let's do this"
All the handholding opps = genius

It was nice to see JakeLaut get angry.
I was like "oh okay..."

Team book Edward like nobody's business.
Movie Jacob had me questioning my loyalties for five minutes.
I mean, HELLO.
Long hair T-Laut-Jacob = sweetheart

But, dear movie-makers,
Are you TRYING to make everybody Team Jacob?
Just wonderin'
("Bella, you're bleeding"
*takes shirt off*)

(In the books, I was like GTFO Jacob.
T-Laut is wonderful.
I hope he's dating Taylor Swift.)

Back to the movie....

What happened to the SILVER VOLVO??
I know, I know...
This is old news, but I'm still wondering wth.

The wolves looked good.
I liked how they were super heavy.
You know what I mean.

Alice is PERFECT.
I pretty much cut my hair to be like Alice.
Haha. But omg
Her and T-Laut-Jacob banter was sooo funny.
"Put the dog out"
couldn't have been more perfect.

Sidenote: I love Carlisle

Sidenote: Jessica is still hilarious.

One of the more important sidenotes:
Team I-love-Edward's-suit-better-than-the-other-stuff-he-wears.

Perfect, perfect "fishing" in the red dress scene...
Good job in being funny and creepy, Volturi.

I really liked the movie better than Twilight.
Let's face it... I tried to watch Twilight the other day and
could not make it past the biology scene.
I can't believe that Eclipse comes out in... June?
Are you kidding?

I know I've blogged mostly about Jacob,
but that is only because he was up in my grill so much.
When all is said and done
at the end of the day,

Team Edward.

Also: I love Charlie and his show-stealing mustache.


amanda leeann said...

i too questioned my loyalties every time his shirt came off. guh. jessica is my fave human. she is such a snark!

uhm, tay swift's snl monologue made my day. they would be [are?] adorable!

i've only seen it twice too. no big deal. they make these things called dvds!

Allison said...

Haha, LOVED IT! I am totes with you on EVERYTHING here- except I thought the shirt taking off to staunch the blood was a TAD overkill. It was definitely nice to look at, though! :D


Amber W. said...

I just saw it on Friday for the first time. I totally loved it! After the disappointment that was Twilight, it was nice to see that someone (Christ Weitz) could get it right!

SJ said...

I don't think I will ever get tired of these New Moon reviews. It was soo good! I agree with everything you pointed out completely.

Kellie said...

I basically need to see this movie...soon. Gosh!

Ashton Dene' said...

I also loved New Moon and I love your recap of it here. Especially the sidenote that you hope TLaut & TSwift are dating -- I agree.

Great post, made me laugh!

Justice Pirate said...

HAHAHA. oh man I agree with you on so many levels. I saw it twice too. I loved it. this was my favourite of the books though too.

Lauren said...

Nice review! You always crack me up!!

madi dearest said...

GREAT post.
i agree with your review.
hated twilight the movie. so i was scared for new moon. and i fell in love with it.
its funny because after new moon the book i was team jacob/edward the whole time. just on the fence. and after watching this.. its made it harder.

i love the scene when jake says: "things are about to get very ugly." if you dont know what im talking about then i dont think you'll find it funny :)

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