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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kreativ? Me? Why, thank you!

Thank you Allison :)

Okay, let me tell you about a gal named Allison.
She has SUCH a cute blog
and is such a positive energy.
I mean, her tweet cloud says it all ;)

Anyways, Allison has chosen ME!
as one of the most "Kreativ Bloggers" around.
Woo, woo!

There are rules:
Share 7 things that you don't already know about me.
Name 7 other blogs to receive this award.

Leave a comment on each of the blogs I nominated.

Thank the person who gave me the award.

Seven things?
You mean like the Miley song?

I used to hate on farmville
because everyone else seemed bothered by it,
but now I'm plowing and harvesting my days and nights away.
Right now I'm growing some eggplants
and my friggin artichokes are taking four days
(please be done, artichokes!)
I'm a woman obsessed.

All together, my family and I have
five dogs,
two cats,
and a slow-moving
betta fish
named Lady Gaga
I love dogs!

(yes, that's our Tuka doll above)

One minute I'm Team Edward...
and the next...
I'm like ohgosh "but...Movie Jacob was so good"
and not just
because he's all "buff"
Team Jacobward. What the heck.


My hair is naturally curly,
but the flat iron wins.

I read every night before bed.
It's the worst when I stay up too late
on the computer doing mindless nothingness!
Reading is good.

I hate seafood.
It freaks me out!
And this pic is hilarious.

I love communications
and could probably take over the world by email.
But I love it all.
Technology. Graphics. Websites. Events.
I could go on.

7 Blogs you will adore- now it's your turn.
I think you're pretty Kreativ!

Julia over at JulesyeahBlog
Haus of Girls - They're cute!
Katie at Kismit & Kate

One more, I promise!


Ashton Dene' said...

Seafood freaks me out too!

Thanks for tagging me, I will have to do this :)

SJ said...

I used to love love LOVE Farmville, but now I'm kind of over it. It has too much going on now!

Katie said...

Aww thanks Liz! I am so honored. <3

I can see why seafood might freak you out...but I don't have that problem. I LOVE lobster. There are 2 things in that picture that I crave. ;)

I completely agree that it's a tragedy when I spend all night on the internet instead of reading. Reading is so much more rewarding!

amanda leeann said...

i kind of love them both too; only because of movie jacob! i jacob is sometimes a jerk. but movie jacob and i could be happy. jus' sayin =]

also, i love seafood. but that pic is most definitely creepy..

Allison said...

I LOVE IT! Liz- you totally need to show me a picture of you with curly hair- just for comparison purposes! ;) Two- introduce me to farmville! I have NO idea whatsoever what it is, but I'm sure I'd get obsessed quite easily with it. Three- I love the doggie clothes! Those boots are STYLIN'! :D

Love ya!

Britney Jean said...

{one} i can't stand farmville. i blocked the app. admitted.

{two} i love that the dog is wearing shoes. is that your dog?

{three} team jacob. for realz.

{four} straighteners are the GREATEST thing ever invented.

{five} reading = the best

{six} seafood makes me gag. except clam chowder. that stuff is good.

p.s. that pic is great.

{seven} ahhhh communications.

Lauren said...

I read every night too! I spend so much time on the computer during the day that it really frustrates me when I waste away the night too.

I am Team Edward, but there is no reason why you can't have both! Super cute post :)

Bekah Buttons said...

I came here via Ashton & love your list. And in #5.. is that a bookmark!? Because I love. I want. I need.


Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Just found your blog.

A: I love Farmville.. Holla!

B. Im team edjac, yes edward and jacob.

C. I hate hate hate sea food.

D. I WANT that dog. haha.

Cute blog!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

you are the sweetest! :)
thanks for tagging me!

gosh, your dog is SOOOOO cute!
i just bought my dog a sweater. :)

i love that you "love them both."
i completely agree.

Julia said...

BOOP! Julesyeah blog hahaa

Lauren said...

Tots agree with you on the sea food thing! You are one creative blogger. I love your posts. Keep it up!

Lauren said...

I found you via BHBBC, and I am so with you on the Edward/Jacob thing!! And not because of the movie. It just kills me! I'm so torn!! Jacob is so manly and warm and Edward is so gorgeous and sentimental!

Miranda said...

Jacobward????? Whaaa? There is no such must choose! Lol, you know who I choose.

Christina said...

omgg is that the chi-weenie? SO cute! Mini dachshunds are adorrrrrrable when they are puppies! My dog is all brown and his eyes look like they've been eyelined.

Yeah, I totally did just puppy stalk your blog. I hope you can understand.

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