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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Hunger Games

Who should play who?
by Liz :)

1. Peeta

I adore Peeta.
Who should play Peeta?
None other than....

I'm sorry, but Lucas Till just looks
like a sweet, shy baker boy who loves to frost cakes.
Especially in that Taylor Swift video. Total Peeta.

I know everybody wants that other
blondy guy to play Peeta,

LOOK, Busy Bee Lauren!
It's your NERD glasses! You have to love him now ;)

2. Katniss
I'm hearing talk of Emma Roberts.
And of Elizabeth Gillies, Camilla Belle
And Summer Glau (San Antonio represent!)
etc. etc. etc.
To tell you the truth I have no idea!
It's not really about having the "look" for her.
It's about the depth of the character.
Someone who can sing, fight, and have an inner "it" thing going on.
One thing I don't want to see is someone too beautiful in the "plastic" way.
P.S. I love Katniss. She is hands-down my favorite character. (TEAM PEETA)

3. Rue
(Georgie Henley)
I swear this is exactly how I pictured her.

4. Prim
(Elle Fanning)
She reminds me of Rue I picked out.
And Rue reminds Katniss of Prim.
It's happenin'.

Other rumors that I'm OK with:

Hugh Dancy for Cinna. I LOVE CINNA.

Kristen Chenoweth as Effie

Haymitch = Mad-eye Moody
Think about it!

I don't know of a Gale.
Gale who?
How about this Gaspard Ulliel "fella"

Hope you liked all the visualizations I picked out. :)
Now I've told you what iiiiiiiii think....
OK, what do YOU GUYS think??



Allison said...

YES!! Wow- those pictures you picked out were GREAT and totally fit with the story. Dang, I never thought about Till being Peeta, but hm.... Great choices, Liz! :D

SJ said...

OKAY, I officially have to read The Hunger Games.

Katie said...

I had totally thought about Lucas Till for Peeta and you just showed me exactly why that's a great idea. Heck yes. I feel the same about Katniss. I have no clear idea, because with her it's more about the attitude and personality for me. She's just got to have that "it" factor that will make her Katniss.

Love your Rue!

Amber W. said...

I could definitely see some of these actors as those characters. Love your choices for Peeta and Cinna!

lilnelablack said...

I totally agree with Lucus Till playing Peeta!
Lucy as Rue = Love
Mad Eye as Haymitch = EPIC
As for Katniss, I agree, I don't really care as long as she's as badass as I imagined her to be.


Anonymous said...

When I read a book I don't really see faces in my head (is that weird? probably) so I never really thought about it, but I LOVE every one of your choices. Especially Kristin Chenoweth as Effie and Georgie Henley as Rue, how perfect!

Lauren said...

Love your choices. I have no idea for Katniss. I can't wait til the movie comes out!!!

Lyndsay said...

I love that you put all these together, I agree on pretty much everything. I think Emma Roberts should play Katniss and the guy for Gale doesnt fit the guy I pictured. He needs to be more manly looking and buffer. :)

Julia said...

i like the pictures

Julia said...


Alexandria said...

You are a casting genius. Srsly. They should hire you when/if they cast this movie.

All are good but Haymitch and Effie are the best!! Love it!

Ivy said...

Thank YOU! I just did a post yesterday after I finished Catching Fire. In my head, the entire time, Mad-Eye Moody was my Haymitch and I will be SOOO disappointed if he is not him... I pry would have a hard time watching the flick actually.
The rest of your choices are also just as perfect. I didn't even know to think out much further than the main.... Your Effie totally made me giggle... she would be cute in any wig color!
Can you get this info to the casting directors? I wouldn't even know where to begin but they should read this blog post.

Mari said...

I love Kristin Chenowith as Effie...exactly like the book!


but Katnis is going to be super hard...I can't see Emma or Camilla being able to be anything more than just then looking really cool- for me they wouldn't be Katnis...perhaps they should open call this and find someone unknown who is PERFECT for the part? the list!

Karm said...

There is a movie coming out? Now I think I better start reading the books... I'll get back to you after I finish them ok?

amy said...

Those choices are absolutely perfect!!

Amy[: said...

Wow, these choices is almost how i see everyone, and i am very picky. Yes, Team Peeta, all the way, but Your gale choice is hot, don't get me wrong, but wrong. all wrong. atleast i feel he is. For haymitch i remember i picked out the perfect actor for him, i imagine him to be out of shape, but not mad eye moody, but clever[:

Amy[: said...

Oh, and I agree with Mari,
Emma or anyone else wouldn't be the right Katniss, not at all. Someone with a great ability to act, someone that is perfect for Katniss,

Kelly said...

I Googled Courtney Galiano and Hunger Games and this is the page that came up. The entire time I was reading the book, Courtney Galiano (of So You Think You Can Dance fame) was Katniss in my head, for some reason. Thinking back, I can see why. She's got the right look, the right body. I can really IMAGINE her actually being good with a bow and arrow. She can look beautiful without loads of makeup - in a dirty shift or in a glamorous gown. She's tomboyish, but still pretty and tough. Ugh! I would LOVE to see her play this role...I think she could do it!

Lexi Kay said...

I love all of them, but i think Robert Downey Jr would make a good Haymitch.

Anonymous said...

i still like alex pettyfer to play peeta and seriously i dont like till as peeta /= for me he hasnt that special extra .../=

ok i like prim, cinna and effie [= ( but christen chenowith isnt bad for that role too)

then i would like to play haymitch by dr downey junior

AND KaTnIsS byyyyyyyyyyyy

KAYAAAAAA Scodelariooooo (i dont know why but she is the person who reminds me the most of the katniss in my imagine [[= )

oh an d i loooooove your gale, iloved him also before i read this because many people want him as gale but i still wanted to say it here hehe^^

ok bb

Anonymous said...

I like your choices but now that the movie is already out i think that cast is absolutely perfect! Jennifer Lawrence was an amazing Katniss and Josh Huterson was also a really good Peeta (the only thing that was off was his height Josh hutcherson Is a little too short for peeta because in the book they described him like a giant tree). Overall though the movie was great and the cast was perfect!

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