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Monday, May 31, 2010


The cutest picture EVER of my grandma.
Wait, nevermind. She always looks this cute.

The day we met Twitch. Magical.
It just was.

Own very own Bieber :)
My cousin Brian.
I lovvveeee him.

Jordyn Shellhart tee! You know it!!!

We're just bein' Miley.

Yes, I drove to work like this for two weeks straight :)
T- concert in March.
(wait... is it really JUNE?)

Tuka pie.
I mean look at that LOOK ON HER FACE!
How can you not love her?
Because I do.

Lovely shadows at this really pretty place in San Antonio.

It's summer.
The freaking JUNE BUGS and KATYDIDS
Seriously though, I'd scream if one was near me.


Allison said...

Ooh, pictures!! I absolutely LOVE your staring contest- too cute! And did you go to a Tay-tay concert (and a Jordan one, too?)- so exciting! BTW- I really like your necklace in the picture where you're showing off your concert shirt- PRETTY PRETTY! :D

Kell said...

I looove the pictures! And girl.. I LOVE Jordyn Shellhart! Her music is magic, and it never gets old to be. You're beautiful, and your dog is adorable!

Kell said...

to me* :-)

Mauri said...

Love the update. Cute pictures. Can you be any cuter? Taylor Swift deserves to stay on your car for 2 weeks :) One day I'll visit texas-love the shadow pic from San Ant.

KatOfDiamonds said...

I love summer <3

Madi Rose said...

haha still love your blog. its been too long! jordyn shellhart <3 and that dog is the cutest thing ever!

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