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Monday, January 18, 2010

This is rare, so take it in.

New Spock is a hottie.

Mr. Shoe + Taylor Lautner = Hott

RD Jr. as Sherlock Holmes, you're hott.

Jamal is the new Edward Cullen.

Jake Sully. You're hott.
If that makes any sense.

Rob Pattinson, you're hott only because we have the same glasses.

Taylor Hanson,
Remember when you looked like this
and were STILL hott?
haha "hawt"...

Lucas Till, you're an adorable teeny bopper.

Mr. Darcy. You're mysteriously hawt.
Hmm... this already-added-on caption may be why.
HAHA, oh people on the internet... you crack me up.

Neil Haskell is kind of cuckoo in a hott way.

I have thought that David Boreanaz is hott since 7th grade.

End of discussion.
Enjoy this post, because it is rare.
I was on a random "hottie" spree.
That is all.


Allison said...

HOTTNESS!! I have to comment first. Because they are AMAZING. :D

Allison said...

Haha, so funny- I saw the picture of Taylor Hanson and for some reason connected him with Lucas Till.. I was like WHAT?? And then realized they weren't the same person. oops! :D

Karina said...


Allison said...

BTW- (sorry it's me again) OUR NAMESAKE BUSY BEE HEADBANDS ARE IN!! If you can tell, I am EXCITED. Go check em out! :D

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Jake Sullllly! I love him.

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Mr Shu & Taylor is my favorite.
I was more of a Zac Hanson fan myself (still am... shh!)
The dogs in David's pic is seriously freaking me out.
Only Rob can pull off heart glasses and still look flippin' hot!

I love this post!

Mauri said...

oooh! Hotties! good list Liz!

Madi Rose said...

i love this post haha :) hanson annnd probably david boreanaz are my favorites. because angel/ buffy the vamp slayer was the best!

Katie said...

Yes, yes to all! And I love this random hott list post. :)

Britney Jean said...

yes yes yes! hotties! major. :)

M said...

What ever happened to Hanson? LOL!

Karm said...

whoa you are on one hottie spree aren't cha? lol... but yes i agree with 75% of the list.. except that taylor hanson and jamal guy... lol sorry =D

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

My name is Kimberly and I approve this post!

Lauren said...

Very fun and very hot post!

Miranda said...

I remember when I thought Taylor Hanson was a girl, then I found out it was a guy and could finally say "He's hot!"

Anonymous said...

WOW I'm totally in love with your blog :D it's fresh and inspiring :D it's beautiful and a pleasure to read :D loving the picture posts too :D !

p.s . . . and ummm (cough cough) why is Johnny Depp missing from the "Hot List" hehe (only messing with you) :D ! Have a great weekend :D !

~Ivy~ said...

That was great! Jamal...the indie version of Edward for sure. Everything for your love..*sigh*

lilnelablack said...

I agree!
But what is not hot is that little piece of hair that is hanging down in Taylor's face. I don't know why, but it bothers me.

Little Miss Paige said...

Are rob pattinson's glasses photoshopped? That is too funny.


amanda leeann said...

i have to round this up to 20!

i love new spock! & blue man jake sully is attractive. & dude. david. can we be best friends? because i love him bad.

Justice Pirate said...

Goodness I love RDJ BIG TIME. BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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