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Monday, May 18, 2009

Twilight: Move over teeny boppers and soccer moms...

Ok friends! It's story time. My grandma turned 86 last Wednesday.
I love this lady. She is what I would call locked IN! ;)
When searching for a gift, I knew I wanted to get her something special.
Hmm. On my way to pick up a magazine,
there it was in the corner of my eye.

TWILIGHT, the book.

I'm just going to lay down some groundwork here; my grandma is a pretty serious reader, let me tell you people. Haha.

I knew she would read it. She didn't know, but I knew... that it would be sitting there staring her in the eyes after her television programs are over...and that once her eyes hit the page, there would be no going back. Because you cannot stop yourself from reading this book once you've started. Seriously, I dare you.


I buy Twilight and carefully place it into a gift bag that says
(which my grandma LOVES)
along with sour skittles, cheapy pink plastic shot glasses
(that say "Girls Night Out" for LOLs), a silky robe,
and some funky, yes funky, sparkly pink glasses that say 2009
and the two 00 of 2009 are the lenses.
Oh and we got her a card that sang "What a Wonderful World" when opened.


So today I get home and Julia (sister) informs me that there has been some Twilight activity in the life of Mary Lou Duke. I smile instantly, knowing that my prediction came true. Haha. Jules told me (get this) that my grandma had confessed to her that she had planned on skimming through the book and telling us that she read it and liked it.

This was a premeditated fib
, people.
She was so smug, thinking that she could get away with that... haha, I can picture it in her mind. As she opened the gift she was plotting her trip to Half Priced Books...

She never made it to Half Priced Books.
That is right.
She is halfway through the book
in just one sitting and could not wait to get home and read it.
The rumors are true.
Grandma Duke has turned Twilight.
Only one question left: Team Edward or Jacob?
"We shall see"


ashton dene' said...

I love it! I just bought it to give to my godmother :)

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