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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Taylor Swift/John Mayer Duet

Okay. In all the excitement of my taylor ticket buying,
the LA Staples Center concert was going on.
The concert that sold out in five minutes?
yeah, that one.

So John Mayer was there:
He's kind of a "foo" on twitter and Mr. Guitar Ladies Man
(that makes painfully ugly faces when performing live)
but I will not lie to you, he has some good stuff goin on.
Heck, I'd see him live.
Slow Dancing In A Burning Room.
Waiting On The World To Change.
Why Georgia Why?

So You Think You Can Dance
eats that guy up and uses all his songs.
"nuff said" LOL JK you know i kid...

Well, he John Mayered it up.
Added John Mayery rifts into "White Horse."
It was awesome!!!!!

Check it!

p.s. did I tell you that I got FLOOR FRONT ROW 12?!?!?
Yeah, this is me. freaking out.

Your Body Is A Wonderland

White Horse


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