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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Music Aisle @ Tarzshay

I'm gonna say the first thing that came to my mind while
shopping with Julya at Target in the CD section.

Phil Stacy
Adult baby.

Jessica Simpson Do you know
No, i don't.

Taylor Swift Fearless
The bomb!

Taylor Hicks, The Distance
lol, whaaat?

Kate Vogele
has a new cd?

Julya looking for Yeah Yeah Yeahs cd.

They have...

Amy Winehouse
but not Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The Ting Tings is sold out.
Because that cd awesome.

Ashley Simpson.
Is crazy.

Kristy Lee Cook.
OMG remember when she sang that song on Idol

She's cute though!
i like her better than some of the others on here

(And yes, I put pics of Joe Jonas on Jules' blogger when she wasn't looking bahaha)


derrickadee said...

This made me laugh because I do this too! Mostly because it baffles me people still buy cds though lol. Do people still use these? I am confused!

And what is with that look Jessica Simpson always has on her face? WHY??!??

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